Sunday, January 15, 2017

Grace of white peonies

Are you in love with peonies like I am? I couldn't resist painting the most beautiful (in my opinion) white peonies which represent grace and majesty of all flowers. Here is the new painting "Peony grace" and the process of its development below:

"Peony grace" (8"x8"; acrylic on canvas panel)

My first intention was to paint peonies buds that only started opening and a fully opened flower on the side. But during the painting process I started correcting the setup. To show the beauty of the flowers I decided to paint peonies in full bloom and to remove the flower on the side to keep it simple, less crowded.
Painting process
I found many more square panels which I'm going to use to practice painting still life as I feel it's more suitable for still life than landscapes. So, more flowers in winter coming!

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