Friday, March 31, 2017

Wavy March

In February and March I was able to finish four paintings of ocean. One of the largest is "Rocking" (28"x58") is my favorite now. Here are several pictures of painting progress and an example of it on the wall in a living room:

"Rocking" (acrylic on canvas panels; 28"x58")


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Crush on waves

My idea of painting on multi-canvas surfaces is coming to life with my new painting "Wave Song".
"Wave Song" (acrylic on 6 canvas; 22"x52")

I have been thinking how to paint on several canvases that create a multi-level surface for long time. I started by playing around with different canvas sizes; next I had to fix them together so they don't fall apart which was a challenge. 

Inspired by seeing the mighty ocean and brave surfers, I started painting waves and couldn't stop. It's so meditating to paint water! Now I'm working on my 4th art work in the wave series and hope to post more progress soon.