Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Process of painting flowers

It's been a great summer full of events, beautiful moments and inspiration for painting!

While away from my studio for several weeks, I  continued to work and was able to finish two floral paintings - "Poetry of flowers" with beautiful hydrangea in a white pitcher and "Peony cloud" with light pink peonies that I'm so crazy about. Both flowers are growing in my mother's garden and both my mother and grandmother take care of them so every year they bloom bigger and better than before.

I love flowers and painting them brings me lots of joy, however they are challenging to paint and every time I struggle with some details. Despite my wish to paint more expressively, I find it hard to go away from painting details in realistic manner. But I'm trying and I think that with the second painting "Peony cloud" I was able to leave some detalization out and made it more loose painting. 


The short clips below show the development of the paintings:

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