Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Artful Piano project

It's been a while since my last post: lots of projects and my son require so much time... Finally, I got some time to write about one interesting project I participated in in March and April called "The Artful Pianos Project" sponsored by the City of Newton. 
Piano to be painted over
Nine pianos were placed around the city in April and many events are happening around them during the Spring Art Festival. One of the pianos was painted by several Newton Art Association artist members including me! 
My part was the right side of the piano where I have painted a beautiful garden statue of a young woman among roses. I also chose to paint roses on the back of the piano. The project was challenging as I have never painted on a musical instrument before: the surface is so different from canvas or paper; especially the multi-surface back of the piano. Painting almost life-size statue was testing my skills; this was a really great experience which made me get out of my comfort zone and work harder.

Work in progress - right side of the piano
Work in progress - back side of the piano

The "Garden of Musical Delights" is now finished! The piano is placed near the Waban Library. Here you can find a brochure with the full details about the events that are going to happen with the piano.

I'm happy I was invited to participate in this extraordinary project! I hope that my statue and roses painted on the side and the back of the piano will be delight to all the visitor's that stop by.



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