Friday, September 2, 2016

15 paintings of September - #1

Last September I participated in the worldwide art Challenge "30 Paintings in 30 Days". While my little baby was sleeping I was able to complete 16 drawing and paintings. All of them were from 6"x6" to 6"x8" (approximately 15cm x 15cm and15cm x 20cm, respectively) in size. I learned a lot from that challenge, especially how to be and stay organized. It was also a great boost of my painting and drawing skills and I was committed to work every day. I was excited in the beginning, tired in the middle and had a breakthrough at the end which made me look critically on my painting process and myself as an artist.
This year I'm going to make September an intensive-painting month again. I decided to paint 15 paintings but larger size - mostly from 8"x8" to 12"x12" (approximately 20cm x 20cm to 30cm x 30cm, respectively). I also chose landscape as a main theme to follow during the Challenge.

So, here is the first painting - "Summer Day":

"Summer Day" (acrylic on canvas; 12"x12")

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